Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Black Butterfly

"Black Butterfly" by Denise Williams-

This is one of my favorite ballads. I identify with the lyrics of this song so much. For me the "butterfly" represents my dreams and how one day they will be free. I created this pendant while listening to the song.

Original Design by Nyblaque- june162009

The "Black Butterfly" is a very special collection of limited edition paper butterfly pendants, earrings and hopefully bracelets( I'm working on it) These will be the original pieces using this median, but as soon as I learn how to solder and cast.....OH BOY...this butterfly design will take on a whole new level.. but I must be patient;-)

It may not look like much to some but this symbolizes my early stage as an artist..simple but different-unique yet evolving-it's who am, and what I want to be.It's the kind of design I want a customer/supporter to own and remember this as one of my early works, as all artists grow and become better and more in tune with their craft, it definitely shows in their work.

I remember a young blacksmith artist from Soho who started out as a street vendor herself selling handcrafted metal jewelry stands, one of which I bought-fantastic work-oh! I wish I still had the stand. I lost it years ago at a fair I was working. I as so sad, because I knew I would never find a piece like it and I understand her passion behind it's creation-

Original Design by Nyblaque- June162009

Now she makes metal furniture in Japan last time I heard- that was 7 yrs ago. Who knew huh?? If I could remember her full name and Google her I'll post a link here.

This necklace will be sold in my Etsy shop. I will take some much better pics of it before I post later today-it's like 2a.m EST right now - I'm going to bed lol!!

If you'd like to read the lyrics to this song you can find it here :Denise Williams -"Black Butterfly"

Have a happy Wednesday-

Be Free,



Patrice @ The Soap Seduction said...

OMG, were we separated at birth two years apart-LOL? This song has so much meaning to me. My sister and I chose this to be sung at our mother's funeral, and every time I hear it, I get happy and sad all at the same time...It's a beautiful song!

Lisa said...

Hi there! I just LOVE those silver spiral earrings in your etsy shop! Excellent job of taking simple materials and making a SPLASH! Cool!

Patrice @ The Soap Seduction said...

Okay, I had to follow up: I have those spiral earrings, Lisa, and I wear them every day. They turn a jean skirt and tee into designer couture! I have gotten so many compliments on those earrings. Get a pair-they're hot!

Nyblaque said...

Hi Lisa and Pat!

Thank you so much for your wonderful compliments! It's a blessing to hear when someone likes my work and enjoys their purchase. I made a smaller version is silver and a gold and copper pair too:-)

Lots of Love back at cha!


Faerywytch said...

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