Saturday, November 22, 2008

Vintage Inspirations- Update

I am slowly weening myself from semi-precious stone to create with a more organic feel, and yeah the economy and environment has alot to do with it as well. I love my stones don't get me wrong..but i am taking them down a more metaphysical road, and catching up with my wood and more eco- friendly ideas.

In the meantime, after watching some old black and white classic. I got inspired by all the old typewriters and created these two pieces:)

All of the wooden keys featured in these pieces were Handcrafted by Photos of vintage and antique typewriter and metal keys were applied to 1/8" thick baltic birch board, laser cut, then painted black on reverse side. These would be the perfect eco-friendly gift for a special friend, whether it's their first initial or the first letter of how you feel about them:)

<<<<Yay, I made these earrings on Thursday and sold a pair TONIGHT! I am so happy;) I just re listed another pair of A letter earrings. but I have two sets all 5 of the standard English vowels, and 21 individual consonants.

I made this awesome necklace tonight:

In this necklace a 1.1/2" vintage key and W letter key i added an old 8mm vintage faceted embossed amber glass heart that was part of an old vintage chain my mom gave me from some old jewelry she was going to throw away. After squealing "NO!, recycle it" i took it and hand wire-wrapped all three pieces together and added them to a single gold chain. My intention was to create another personalized gift, a " Key To My Heart" concept.

I bought these poetry word beads thursday from

I can't wait to create with these...hmmm what should I create with them?? I see lots of votes are going for a bracelet so far. Thanks for the votes, Keep em' coming:) cast your vote! Scroll up to the top right corner of my blog and let me know:)

So, what have you been up too??

Be Well,



MichellesCharmWorld said...

great earrings! I can't see the photo of the beads and the link to where you got them from doesn't work either. Now I really want to see them! haha!

Nyblaque said...

ooops sorry about that:P Ok I fixed it now, Thank you

RagsNehali said...

cute earrings..I voted for bracelet..

Shaunna said...

It looks like the bracelet is picking up a bunch of supporters :)

I like the vote feature!

esque said...

Voted! I love this new road you are taking as I am not really into stones, but I love wood! Well done!

RunsWithScissors said...

Keep up the great work!

BTW, you've been tagged! You can go to my blog for the rules.

TheresaJ said...

Great stuff!

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