Friday, June 14, 2013

Inspiration. I'm Going To Walk The Walk.

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Several weeks ago, I ran into a friend of mine who I used to see at the local park with my son. Our children attend school together and play together at times. Her name is Mrs. Joyce, she comes from the beautiful island of of the sweetest, wise and most positive women I have ever met.
One Spring day We ran into each other, delighted to see her, I sense a difference in her demeanor immediately. Her eyes filled with their usual light were focus and far away, After hearing she had just returned from the hospital, she told me she had cancer of the breast.

My inside shook but I would not show her that. Assuming she may have already seen and heard the emotional shock this takes to see and hear. Gently I looked her in the eye and nodded and said "Ok, so what is the next step?" I refused to say, "Sorry to hear that" or "Oh, I'm so sorry" These are normal and justified responses of course ...but I went straight to the thought of progress, encouragement and focus on what were the next steps to fight back and recover.
Without, a crack in her voice or missing a step her unshattered faith spoke loud and clear through her soft voice. Leaning in she said to me " God is in charge, I have no fear nor will I falter. I rest on my faith has never let me down and this will not be any different child"
"My Dear, she continued. "I will go through whatever treatments are available and do what I must but I will not fear, nor will I doubt God plan for me"

We...hugged and the warmth of her heart spread through by body... a warm and swift surge of pure positive energy. It is women like Mrs. Joyce who inspire me everyday. I said to her, I will have a conversation with God tonight about you, she said thank you.
Later that night I did just deep meditation I asked what could I do to help her be used as an instrument of good will on her behalf and others just like her.

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And here I came to me to learn about MoonWalk NYC..I have found what I have been looking for. The one thing that will challenge me..take me out of my comfort zone and do SOMETHING! positive, encouraging, bold, brave and inspiring. This is it.
June 14th, I ran into Mrs. Joyce today. I told about the event and she was thrilled! "Guess, who I am going to walk for?"
"For you, dear heart, I'm walking for you Mrs. Joyce..."?
If I could describe the warmest hug, the highest euphoria, you could feel from the hug this woman reached out and gave me would be amazing. This is best I could do to describe it.
36days to go....and with every step I will think of her.

Those of you who know me from my selling days on Etsy under my SwanRiverStone and Nyblaque shops know I am no stranger to working and supporting a good cause. I have participated in fundraisers such as Aids Walk, March of Dimes etc. my first team effort was with HeartsforHaiti, and Etsy Project Embrace Team. It is has been six years since I have publicly participated in such a large scale fundraising event. I am very excited. Visit my personal page to follow my progress and journey through all this:

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Live Strong;-)

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