Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Spontaneous Crafting

Hey Family, I honestly didn't intend to make anything today- really I wanted to just pack and ship my orders and stay in bed. HA!! I was actually packing an order of these beautiful vintage Japanese glass beads today when the craft bug took over.

As soon as I came back from shipping the destash order. I got busy..and just couldn't stop--well, more like didn't want to..I really didn't have any particular direction with the bracelet not to mention I remember how tedious it is to hand wire wrap each bead to chain. But I loved the color palette so much I just kept going.
and going......

added some verdigris patina charms..a nice patina dragonfly.......

I'm still not finished yet LOL..but I won't add too much more. I stopped posting beaded bracelets in my shop because frankly, it's not cheap labor - if you catch my drift. The time and effort that does into these type of bracelets can go for hours if it is a more intricate design, but most of the time goes to the careful wire wrapping, weighing and setting of the chain.
So we'll see what happens with this beauty. I will list her in my shop tonight.
These cute little cubes are a late night earring project I'll finish.

Andromeda-Swarovski Crystal Wire Wrapped Pendant

This pendant was the easiest and fastest idea I worked on. I saw this Swarovski cosmic ring sitting on my craft table all lonely from an unfinished project. I am trying out different " self bailing" techniques on my pendants to eliminate the worry of losing a pendant from a popped or loose jump ring. I think of moms when I make these type of pendant as I have had many test pendant pulled of my old chain by my son on purpose just to see how durable they are.

This type of bail can be worn closed or set apart to have that "crowned bail look while threading the chain or cord through it. Ok...back to crafting.. Let me know what you think so far..

Happy hump day.


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DarlingNikki said...

Found your blog in the Etsy forums today. Your crafts are cute:0) I am following now. Feel free to stop by my blog!

Southern Belle said...

Pretty bracelet =)

Nyblaque said...

Thanks for stopping by and the compliments. I will surely stop by your blog soon;-)

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