Monday, April 13, 2009

Motivational Monday -Ten Ideas you can do to handle your busy schedule

I was just chatting with another great indie jewelry designer EmbellishEverything about our "to do lists" and getting organized. Then I had an "AHA" moment and remembered this post I wrote back in February.

You can take from this list whatever applies to you. I hope it helps.

1. Take a deep breath.

2. Close your eyes, exhale...feel the release.

3.Open your eyes

4. Say thank you for another day(afternoon,evening) to your higher power( God, Allah, Yahweh, etc. if you have religion or a spiritual faith system)

5. wraps your arms around yourself...and say " Thank you for being you, I love you.

6.If you have children, go hug or kiss( if sleeping) if not kids find your loved one, if just you , do it again!!

7.Write a small to do list..Focus on a least one thing you need to do and do it..just that one. Once you finish, stop and say. Thank you, I knew I would get this done. Then go down the list one thing at the time.... pace yourself.

8. IF you couldn't get something(s) done..IT WASN'T MEANT TO BE DONE..and save it for tomorrow's list. No failing, no beating self up..YOU CAN"T DO EVERYTHING! With the demands of society, for some this is the hardest pill to swallow. If someone complains- which at least one person usually does-..say to yourself,"I did the best I could" If it's your boss- apologize..but forgive yourself because if you put your best effort at it, then you did all you could and were meant to do.

9. DO something funny at least 3x during the day..I mean something so funny you crack up for a while from it. This is a natural stress reliever and it works!

10. Feel accomplished at the end of day... close your eyes with a smile, rest.. do it again tomorrow:)

Hmmm, that's more than Ten..but who's counting lol!!

What's got you motivated today???

Be Well,



glassidentities said...

good list.. I love number 9 that is one thing I try to never forget. I have to remember not to set myself up with too many things to do in a day or I wont get them done and then I tend to feel down on myself.. this list is a good reminder to slow down.. one step at a time will get it done and I can only do so much :) Thanks

Evie's Tool Emporium said...

Excellent list! I have to really work on #8 because I tend to 'beat myself up'! Thank you for closing with a peaceful thought of bedtime!

The Occasional Embellishment said...

NYBlaque, you're so fabulous! I'm totally going to give you a major shout out on an upcoming blog post, because you ROCK!

I love this list, too. #5 is my fave. I'm going to hug myself right now...[hugs self].

It's encouraging to know that I'm not the only one that gets caught up in life's challenges. And it's great to get tips from others on how to overcome them.

Steady onwards and ever upwards...

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