Friday, May 22, 2009

Where I Work- My Office/Bench Space

Hey Family,

WOW! whose mess it that?? LOL!..

Ok, ok,it's mine. I use the foyer of my apt and turned it into my "Office Space" the hub of where all my networking, admin, paper crafting and some jewelry making happens. This is basically what my desk looks like after printing labels, shuffling papers, reading mail, and preparing packages.

I actually share my work space with my daughter so I can keep an eye on her online activities... it's a tight space but we make it work.The pc to the right is hers..I get the cushy black chair too ;-)

AAAhhhh, much better. I just cleaned it up a bit ..but have my materials set up for some notes I want to make. Notice the Twitter page on the pc screen tee hee;-) Hi Tweeters!!

This is my semi neat storage space, where I sort my beads and findings, etc The bottom drawers are where the bubble wrap and postage supplies are stored. The bins are filled with beads, beads ..and umm beads.
Got the desk fan up and's warm in here today. I have my wire and hammers ready for some metal work later.

But for now, it's time for lunch and cuddles with the little one.........How is your Friday going??

Thanks for visiting;-)

Be Well,



Michelle at The Quarry said...

My favorite is the last pic. Of course. :) CUTE!

Nyblaque said...

awwwwww thanks Michelle!

Holistically Heather said...

that is such a tender photo of the snugglin time!!
Nice work space, maybe if mine is ever unpacked and decent looking I will take photos. Noone would want to see it right now ahhah

Nyblaque said...

lol oh so what Heather!!! if it tooo neat then what are you doing?? I like to see real messes, its inevitable when you are working, esp if you're an artist/crafter/cook.

thanks for the comment! i was hoping my feet wouldn't scare anyone lol!!

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