Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Strength: One Small Effort

You're only a moment away from making real progress. One small effort can get you started. It's nice and comfortable to stay where you are, without taking action, without making progress. Yet after a while that comfort turns into stagnation, and you'll feel painful regret for not moving forward.

Revelation: It's been a very rough 5months and some tough decisions had to be made. Ones I really didn't want to make, a few I should have made years ago. It is taxing my emotions right now but it has to be done. After three years I have come to bring my Nyblaque shop to a close for good as I said I would do so last year. Once the taxes are done and Etsy fees paid Ny is no more.. It saddens me to bring the birthplace of my Etsy beginning as a crafter to an end but I have out grown it and am now going in another direction. Plus as I keep learning time and time again, Multiple shops on Etsy that have slow sales become a very FAST expense!

As for SwanRiverStone- again cost are outweighting my profits. I need a budget thats tight and consistant. So I am moving my Swan to Artfire in March. I know I will have to work harder to promote but a steady $10.00 per month shop bill is something I can afford right now. So my supplies and my creations will be at relocated there. I'll keep you posted.

I will also have to...sigh, look for a job-outside the home. This was the hardest decision. Transitioning from home back to work. It is really hard!! After staying at home for almost 5yrs I am so out of touch with the job market..I feel really lost and out of place...but..

Now, however, you have the opportunity to avoid that regret. Now, you have the chance to make valuable use of this very moment. It really doesn't take much to get started, and the payoff can be enormous. Once you make that first small effort, the next one comes more easily, and the one after that even more easily.

After three days of deep meditation, prayers and solitude. I made up my mind. Being a single mom is difficult when you have only yourself to depend on. You have to thred carefully, planning each step you take as best you can. Crafting is my LOVE, my Passion and my therapy but my children are my LIFE...

I found the second step and made an appointment with a career counselor to help me with not only transition but time management, and how to still run a shop from home and avoid the stress, burnout and mistakes I have experienced and come back better than ever.

Soon, you'll have real, solid momentum. And before long, you'll have a real, valuable achievement.

Life is yours right now to live. Start with one small effort, and fulfill your greatest possibilities.

The Strength: Change starts with a small effort.

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My Dream Garden said...

My best goes with you. Some of us don't even pay attention to the overhead--like me. I just want to do something I love after working 40 years at jobs I could care less about. However, it doesn't mean I still don't need the money, so I do need to pay more attention to those expenses involved in having a shop. It is indeed a slow market, worldwide, and we keep praying for things to move uphill. Someday... I hope you will do well and come back to Etsy!

swanriverstone said...

Thank you Dream Garden!!! I appreciate your input and well wishes. I wish I had paid more attention to my overhead as well;-(

I wish you the best also. Great to see you again!


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