Friday, January 9, 2009


A gift came to me today. it was so pretty, gold and sparkly with lots of satin bows.

I opened it , its dimensions were no bigger than the palms of my hands. But it's depth was vast..the more I looked into it the wider it became.

Deep and inviting, I placed my heads inside,... it was warm and spread like wet sand seeping between your toes..up my arm..I felt light, my eyes closed, what? lavender?...oh, the smell so calming. I sank deeper,..hands down, head to chin ..deep calm.
courtesy of by Petr Kratochvil-

The room vibrations were a hum like a Omm. the sound of harmony ...not a digital buzz..but a murmur. still.

Breathe in...feel your diaphragm grow the tingle of cool oxygen ...the life fire that heals within....
You have found me ..I am peace..welcome home.

For the past few days, i have so much to blog about, yet so little i started to write tonight, this is what i inner poetess surfaced as she usually does.
courtesy of by Petr Kratochvil-

It felt good to write this. How did you find you peace today ?

Be Well,


1 comment:

CT said...

The lavendar sounds wonderful...must get some. _ CT

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