Monday, May 17, 2010

Strength - Motivational Monday -Meditation

Long day? Worried about the week before you?

I have something for you.

.Open it , its dimensions were no bigger than the palms of your hands. But it's depth was vast..the more you looked into it the wider it will become.

Deep and inviting, place your heads inside,... it is spreads like warm, wet sand seeping between your toes..up your arms..You feel light, your eyes closed, what? lavender?...oh, the smell so calming. Sink deeper,..hands down, head to chin ..deep calm.
courtesy of by Petr Kratochvil-

The room vibrations were a hum like a Omm. the sound of harmony ...not a digital buzz..but a murmur. still.

Breathe in...fill your diaphragm grow the tingle of cool oxygen ...the life fire that heals within....You have found you ..Be at peace..welcome home.
courtesy of by Petr Kratochvil-

The Strength: Find a way to bring mental peace to yourself everyday. I wrote this last year for my other blog. Thought I would share it here;-)



CT said...

The lavendar sounds wonderful...must get some. _ CT

Alix said...

I LOVE your banner!!!

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