Saturday, January 10, 2009

Work in Progress with Infivision-Phase one

I am very excited to work with Infivision, creator of EtsyFeeder , awesome hubby of SoapDeli@Etsy and proud new Etsy seller! Not only did I have the pleasure of interviewing him for my indie feature blog, MyIndieLove. Even though I have improved my pics alot from the days of using my web cam to take pics, I still see some that even I say,,"ooh that one..kinda sucks right there":-P

I am excited to be Adams' first customer..I have sent him five pieces to work with and so far here is one set of "test shots" on a pair of wire-wrapped earrings.

Again, these are the early test shots..I personally love the background used in the second pic. i am excited to see the rest..Just thought I would share this with you and yeah..plug Adam a bit too...But if you really want to see his work visit Adam at or check out my interview with him at

Will keep you posted...

Thanks for visiting, Ny

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