Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fled to Facebook

Wow..I guess it is too late to say happy Thanksgiving, X-mas, New Years and all that good stuff huh??

I confess. I was really not into Facebook for a long time. I just felt weighed down in general by the pressures of social networking to stay "interesting" "engaging" and all that with Twitter. FB and even blogging.

Look my life is not filled with bells and whistles. I didnt have time to post the latest home recipe or the 80th picture of my children. I was too tired. I got up did my mommy routine. Ran my shop., more mommy to bed.

Blogging seems to be mundane for me sometimes. I didnt enjoy doing it. It was mainly because I feel like I am talking to myself when I blog. I wasn't sure if anybody was even reading my blog.

Comments really did matter. I just didnt want to admit that. I kinda gave me an incentive to keep writing knowing I was interesting to someone else other than my mom lol! To my surprise, chatting on Facebook fills a void of social interaction as a stay at home mom and crafter with other who were like me. Just saying basic courtesies were nice to see on my Blackberry throughout the day. It's simply-dare I say, fun!

I honestly don't know why I am blogging today. Maybe a whim. but there are some things you dont have the room to write about on FB. I mean you only get 424 characters to say whats on you mind. Twitter give your 140 so your best bet would be to blog then huh?

I think I will be blogging and leaving the links on FB so conversation can maybe strike two fold;-) But just so you know. Those of you who do read my blog, I thank you-sorry I've been away for a while..

Peace n light

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