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Indie Archive- Interview with Enyaeire- June 2008

Hey There Enya---remind me of my favorite Celtic group:)

Como se tar tu?-How are you in Gaelic--I learned that form my old friend on Ireland:)

Now at first I was going to set this up with the standard q&a format...but there was something about ENYAEIRE that made me decide to leave it as the less this was a great interview....Take it away Enya:)

Hi NyBlaque,
Thank you very much for inviting me to give an interview. i really appreciate it!!

My Etsy store is full of my own designs and handmade creations ranging from Crocheted Hats, Scarves, Wraps, Brooches, Bags,Toilet Tissue Holders to Celtic Etched Glass.

I love the materials I work with and when I come across different colored wools I suddenly get an image in my head of what I am going to do with them.

A friend of mine in work told me about etsy and she told me it is the place to be as it is based on all handmade items from millions of talented people so I gave it a go and here I am and I love it!!!

I will never finish a bottle of shampoo for example I will go and buy another one *laughing*. As with my creations as soon as I start them, I will definitely finish them.

I was born and raised in Ireland and I am sure you have heard of the singer "Enya". I love her music and "Eire" is Gaelic for Ireland so I put both names together and came up with "Enyaeire". It is pronounced N Ya Air.

One of my favorite pieces is this Olive Green Peacock Feathered Brooch Hat. It is very me but I also see a lot of people liking it as it is unique and would look great on ladies with any kind of hair style.

This is my second favorite as I can picture it on a baby girl on her first outing to the Park for example. It is also very mini me *laughing*

My goal for this year is on my summer vacation I am going to create more items for my store and hopefully have a larger stock for the fall.

My advice to all those talented Etsy Sellers is no matter now hard sales might be never lower your prices to attract buyers. Always remember your work is unique, and the time and care you put into your product is well worth the price you list it at. Etsy is not ebay so keep it that way. We do no want people to come to etsy thinking this is the bargain place. It is a place full of talent with items of high quality. Continue to transform your inspirations and you will reap the benefits in the end. When handmade products are made from the heart, they will touch many hearts.

Slainté (cheers in gaelic)

( I need to take that advice myself)---Thank you ENYAEIRE , Slainte:)
visit enyaeire at .Her shop is just as beautiful as she is:)

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