Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Brenda Novak’s 5th Annual Online Auction for Diabetes Research

Ms. Lauren Hawkeye, Assistant to Brenda Novak, A New York Times Bestselling Romantic Suspense Author, contacted me on January 2,2009. Lauren was looking for some great creations for this year’s auction. She happended to be searching on Etsy when she found my shop and wondered if I would be willing to donate some of my items to the auction! Are you kidding?? Of course I said YES!

Brenda Novak is has written such books as " Every Waking Moment" "Cold Feet" "Still Water Trilogy" and her latest editions " The Last Stand Series"

I personally am inspired by this awesome writer as I read her biography. Can you imagine catching your child's day care provider drugging your children with cough syrup and Tylenol to keep them sleeping while you worked?? Brenda writes that was a huge part of the motivation for her to work from home and behind her now amazing career. Please read more about her amazing story here: How is all started Brenda Novaks Journey.

The 5th Annual On-line Auction for Diabetes Research which was started in 2005 and have been a huge success with by raising over $250.000 just last year alone and the expectations for this year are even bigger. The auction opens May 1st and runs through the month but items are being added as they receive them. This is a very special event and is deeply personal to me as my grandmother passed away in March 2007 from her battle with Diabetes. I know I would be making her proud by participating and bringing attention to anything that would help find better treatments and a cure for this disease.

For more information about the auction and/ or Brenda, see the above website, check out http://www.brendanovak.com/auction_abouttheauction.shtml or www.eharlequin.com You can find the current items I have reserved for the event in my shop in the Auction4DiabetesResearch section:

Remember, 100% of all the money raised goes directly to Diabetes Research. Together, we can find a cure to this disease.

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