Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kindred Spirit Award

I found this wonderful award image from Audreys Country Crafts Blog.

First, Congrats to Audrey for receiving it from whomever gave it to her first..she deserves it:)

I wanted to give this to several people as recognition for their efforts to try to help , educate, inspire, promote and empower artisans, readers, followers and people in general to be the best they can be.

Here are the recipient listed so far:

*SoapDeli - New Editions

and that's just the start.......I'll be adding more soon, I need to find all their address ;-P

If you know someone who you feel deserves this award, Just right click on the image, copy and "Save image as " then follow your normal uploading procedures as you would regularly do on your blog or site. I hope it works! If not leave a comment.

Be Well,



heather knitz said...

What an honor, Ny:) *hugs*

What a wonderful graphic!

missknits said...

very cool award and congrats to those who won!! they truly do deserve it!!

Julie Boland said...

What an honor to be included with all these wonderful people!!!

Thank you!!!!

Nyblaque said...

you all are so guys do so much in you own individual ways to help others..i just to recognize that

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