Monday, February 23, 2009

Special Delivery from- A Product Review of BaraNaos by TC & Company Bath Body & Home Spa

Bara Naos byTCandCompany is a new bath and body shop at that was gracious to offer me free samples of their products.Since I have eczema I have to be so careful of what I use on my skin so shopping for body care products are hard to find.

Eczema, also known as Dermatitis , is an allergic condition that causes intense itching and inflammation affects of the the skin. Eczema can be triggered by just about anything coming in contact with the skin, and it affects all races and ages, including young infants.

I love handmade soaps and body products so much. especially those that use the old cold press systems with seems to fair better with my skin. Also lotions that contain either Shea and Cocoa Butter and Soy is good too. TC has the best of both of these worlds so I gave their body lotions a try. I am very happy with the results:

Apples and Oak Shea- has the snappy crisp scent of Macintosh apples..very fresh and clean not overpowering at all. Silky to the touch and absorbs quickly into the skin. Leaves no greasy residue.

Pineapple Cake- With my body chemistry, the Pineapple had a very light scent which faded after a few hours, BUT it left a very light sweet smell on my skin that I still enjoyed. This of course may be totally different for someone else.

Oatmeal Milk and Honey- Gives a warm rich scent of oatmeal and warm honey..a classic fragrance that's calming and relaxing the scent lasted all day well into the evening. This was the best lotion for me and felt every soothing when I was recovered from a flare up last weekend from the cold weather. Although it is scented..for me at least it did not cause irritation or flare ups.

I haven't has a chance to try the other two samples yet as my daughter snatched them.. but the Black Orchid sample smells really good on her..warm not musky yet a nice, soft, earthy fragrance. Everything came so well packed and the presentation was very nice. I received informative well read information about the company and its products. I highly recommend giving Bara by TC Company a try. Thanks guys;-) I have very happy smell good skin.


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Elizabear said...

I'm going to check out that shop. Thanks so much for sharing!

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