Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gussy Up Your Gfts on a Budget: A DIY project-Archive

Original Post 3/2009
Hey family, I originally wrote this post March 1st. I have been blessed to receive several sales that weekend. As I was preparing the previous orders, I received an order that happened to be a birthday present for Jessica of "Or So She Says" blog . So I wanted to present something special but I had no gift boxes or spare tags..not even a organza bag nutthin!! Oh, what's a seller to do??

Well I did what I always do..IMPROVISE

Then I remembered..I purchased these beautiful tags from TimelessPaperArts and decided to use these tags as center pieces for "gift bag boxes". I told Timeless about my idea and how I would blog about how I used her cards.

Here is what I presented Jessica's gift in.

I will show you HOW I did it in tomorrows' post. I have gotten alot of compliments from customers. I asked Timeless if she would consider making custom tags.. that would be cool!.

Here is a TimelessPaperArts recent blog post with her latest tags: Scalloped tags=featured-customer Visit TimelessPapersArts wonderful shop and her beautiful blog.

Time to get ready to go to Brooklyn this's a 90 minute train ride from the Bronx:-P

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