Monday, May 18, 2009

Motivational Monday- To Dad With Love

With Father's Day coming soon, I wanted to dedicate the next few Motivational Mondays to Dads,Like mothers, fathers need to be acknowledged and appreciated in all the the ups and downs in a fathers life. For many men, those who are fathers would also like to be noticed and understood how the life being a dad can be both rewarding, reaffirming, amazing yet challenging and difficult all rolled into one.

Besides, we all know how Mom always gets alot more attention then dad at times. Dads need love too.

A prayer: President Bush's Father's Day Proclamation

"Fathers play a unique and important role in the lives of their children. As mentor, protector, and provider, a father fundamentally influences the shape and direction of his child's character by giving love, care, discipline, and guidance. As we observe Father's Day, our nation honors fatherhood and urges fathers to commit themselves selflessly to the success and well-being of their children.

And we reaffirm the importance of fathers in the lives of their children. Raising a child requires significant time, effort, and sacrifice; and it is one of the most hopeful and fulfilling experiences a man can ever know. A father can derive great joy from seeing his child grow from infancy to adulthood. As a child matures into independence and self reliance, the value of a parent's hard work, love, and commitment comes to fruition.

Responsible fatherhood is important to a healthy and civil society. Numerous studies confirm that children whose fathers are present and involved in their lives are more likely to develop into prosperous and healthy adults. Children learn by example; and they need their father's presence as examples of virtue in their daily lives. A child's sense of security can be greatly enhanced by seeing his parents in a loving and faithful marriage."
George W. Bush President, USA

A poem- "Fathers Can Be Solitary Mountains"

Fathers can be solitary mountains,
All their love rock-like, steep, and strong.
Though warm and caring, somehow they belong
Halfway home to mothers' bubbling fountains.
Each of us needs love that knows no quarter,
Reminding us of bonds that cross a border,
Strengthening our sense of right and wrong.
Author Unknown

A funny quote:

“My father used to play with my brother and me in the yard. Mother would come out and say, "You're tearing up the grass"; "We're not raising grass," Dad would reply. "We're raising boys";”- Harmon Killebrew

Do you have a quote or thought for Fathers Day?? Post it in the comment box. Thanks for sharing.

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