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Holiday and Heritage Month P 2. Happy Independance Day Poland!!

Hello family,

While I am cooking up a new interview with another Native American artist, I would like you to meet another fabulous Etsy Artist Steammachine from Poland who would like to share a special local holiday with us.

Hi! My name is Klaudia Kolbusz. I grew up in the south of Poland where I went to school for graphic design. Last year I moved to the western part of country and settled in Legnica, a beautiful city founded in the 7th century. My Etsy stores are: - clothes, accessories, prints and where I sell jewelry. My blog is:

So what inspired you to start crafting, what are your favorite materials to work with?

Initially i crafted for myself and for my friends, and thanks to their positive comments, i opened my first store on Etsy. I started designing because I couldn't see anyone creating the kind of clothes that I wanted to buy. I love clothes and I love the creative process. My favourite materials are: cotton and chiffon.

Tell us a little bit about Independance/Rememberance Day. Are there any other special events/festivals that are coming up this Winter?

Poland signed its historic constitution in 1791 but its independence was to be short-lived as invading forces partitioned the country between Russia, Prussia and Austria the following year. It was not until 11 November 1918 that Poland was to regain its independence. To this day, 11 November is an important civic holiday that is recognised throughout the country and is marked with patriotic parades and festivities in many of the larger towns and cities.

Later this month we celebrate Andrzejki which is a Polish traditional day of St. Andrew. It was celebrated in the past mostly by women who wanted to find out about their future, in particular, if they were going to get married the following year and to whom. Within the year the tradition has been spreading from the Polish country side to Polish cities and adopting more commercialised forms. Nowaday it is all about having fun and pretending we are their to find out what will happen to us in the nearest future - fortune telling.

Then we have December sixth, St. Nicholas day - MikoĊ‚ajki - a polish custom celebrated at 6th of December. In the morning that day children find small presents and sweets hidden under the pillow, in their shoes or other strange places... Although all of the children get nice present, the impolite and naughty kids can also find a birch.

Do you have a special family tradition(s) celebrated during this season?

I don't have any traditions that I do with my family but Catholics have many traditions during Christmas time

How did you come to find Etsy and sell your wares.

Two years ago a friend of mine told me about Etsy. I took a look around and decided that it was absolutely a place I wanted to be. I was hooked!

What are/ is your favorite piece(s) from your shop? Is there another skill that you would love to learn?

I like all of them! I put so much work into each piece and sometimes I treat them as they were my children.

I'd like to learn soldering. I bought a soldering iron a few months ago but unfortunately I still don't have time to try it out. I would like to learn so many skills! I make things to satisfy myself and my own need to create something but because I'm very critical of my work, I'm never 100% satisfied of the result. And so I keep learning and working, sweating and sometimes fighting with the things I do. But I love crafting. It teaches patience, temperance, and forbearance. For an artist, the best reward is when people appreciate our work.

What have you found to be the most difficult or challenging about selling your wares online?

Selling online is usually not as simple as adding a picture of your product but Etsy's Handbook, Storque, and Forums are unbelievably helpful. I would like to have more time to make better photos and write longer descriptions of my items. But the most difficult and challenging part is shipping my products. I go to the post office twice a week and wait in line 20 to 50 minutes each time. But I want to provide good customer service and I hate delays in shipping.

Why do you think people should learn more about international history and culture?

I believe everyone should learn about foreign cultures because not everyone is the same. Different people make this world beautiful and interesting.

Finally, Why do you think poeple should buy/support handmade?

I think people should support handmade because the world has become so less personal and so commercial. I think it brings value to our lives when we can connect with both the process and the designer.

Thank you Klaudia for stopping y and sharing your work and some of your culture with us. Do stop by and show Klaudia some Indie love;-)
Look for my next feature this Saturday- Tell me what you think of my features so far, is there anything in mind you would like to read about?- Do share.
Be Well,

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