Friday, November 6, 2009

Holiday & Heritage Month P.1- Etsy Interview With NorthernLodge

I had the honour of catching a great interview with Etsy Artist Patti Allen from NorthernLodge for Native American Heritage Month

Aaniin niiji (hello friend) and Welcome Patti!
Bozhoo-(Hello )My name is Patti Allen-
Nation: Annishinaabee-not tribally registered, I'm located in Black Forest Colorado-but originally from Canada. My Etsy shops are : and

So what inspired you to start crafting, what are your favorite materials to work with?

What got me started creating?-Initially my ADHD-and Canadian winters, but later in life it also gives me a way to supplement our income. From my father,I got my love of nature, science and my spiritual reference point. From my mom-her artistic talent, sewing and knitting lessons. As a child I LOVED to draw.
I probably am most amazed by just the process of creating...lately I've tried to become more creatively responsible by upcycling wool fabrics, and using eco-friendly yarns.
Tell us a little bit about the Annishinaabee nation. Are there any special events/festivals with the nation that are coming up this Fall? Do you have a special family tradition(s) celebrated during this time?

I was taught from an early age to respect the earth, and all of the animals with whom we share our planet. I grew up in the North woods, where my heart will always live.

I am helping with a Native American heritage luncheon this month. My daughter belongs to a Native American dance group, and powwow dances, so we participate in that way as well. My daughter and I also help provide food, clothing and propane to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation throughout the year-partially funded with money we make here on etsy!

How did you come to find about Etsy? What made you decide to sell your wares

My neighbour has an etsy shop, and we've done craft shows together for years-so she introduced me to etsy.

I decided to sell on etsy, because I think I have a unique product, and I like interacting with people. I've met some wonderful people here.

What are your favorite piece(s) from your shop?

because it uses upcycled wool and it reflects Native history


because each is unique and I learn about the child they will be for while I am making them, plus they will help keep the children connected to their mother the earth. The beadwork holds a LOT of my energy too-more so than the other things I create.

What have you found to be the most difficult or challenging about selling your wares online?

Most difficult-well I've learned so much--learning the necessary computer skills, the amount of time required to promote your shop, and the thrill of being organized enough to try to keep up with demand-while working full time as a Biologist too.

Why do you think people should learn more about Native American history and culture?

Native spiritual ways teach respect and humility. They also help keep us connected to our planet, and our ancestors. I think it is shameful that we ignore the history of indigenous peoples in the education of our students.

Finally, Why do you think poeple should buy/support handmade?

Buying handmade brings the energy of one person to another and in that way we are all connected.

Miigwech (thanks)- Oh yes, one more thing-please read the story of the Twice Loved Bears-ALL money from the sale of these special upcycled bears supports families on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation-I will list some more soon.

All my relations


Miigwech (thanks for sharing your craft your experiences and educating us. I'll get those pictures up I promise;-)
Be Well,


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