Friday, March 12, 2010

Creativity- Custom Orders

I made a customized version of the Oval Ebonywood Necklace that I have in my shop that was originally sold in my Nyblaque shop. The original design never had engraving but this was a great idea.

The thing I love the most about custom orders is that my customers challenge me with new ideas! Things they would like to see created that I either thought about but never got around to or simply something new I would like to have the chance to bring bring to life.

Though my client wanted the initials in silver inlay, I personally LOVE the natural wood look the best.This was the "test piece"

Added the wire wrap and chain....

All done:-). This is what the engraving looks like on the back, or the front, however she wants to wear it. I am thinking of offering this necklace with engraving also.

So what do you think?? Thanks for visiting



Kelly Miller said...

I love both necklaces! Beautiful pieces! I especially love the last one with the rose, very elegant and classical. But as for the engraving I can't decide which I like better. I think it would be cool if you did one side in silver and the other side in the natural wood engraving. The best of both worlds :)

swanriverstone said...

hmmm, that would be interesting..i may have to try that sometime.. thanks for the idea!!

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