Sunday, November 29, 2009

Simple Sunday- Yes I am a Tree Hugger-Literally;-)

This is one of my best nature friends Old Willie- He is one of the many old Willow tree we have in our neighorhood. I love his long trendeling brances that reach all the way to the ground. Oh yes, Willie has seen alot of action in his prime- but most recently the top portion of his trunk had to be cut off after he was struck by lightning.

Old Willie is a big tree still but man, before the strike his branch span was HUGE!!!!! It's ok Old Willie has given me plenty of shelter in the summer and gentle breezes in the Spring.. I have meditated many times under his sheltering care and even came home with a few leaves in my hair;-)
Just something simple I wanted to share.  Love you, Willie;-)

Hug a Tree Today;-)


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