Tuesday, December 29, 2009

So that's what they look like.

Hey Family, I am sorry I haven't posted any Season Greetings or the like this past week. With the holiday rush- Hiring and interviewing interns & models, making new pieces for my new shop, attending classes, spending time with family for the holidays, raising the youngins AND.. fighting a cold with a touch of fatigue. I am exhausted;-)-- but feeling very blessed.

Whenever things get too busy to blog- I dig up some old archived posts to keep things going till I can blog again so I will eventually post some Christmas shots, my new videos and Kwanzaa before the New Year comes in. In the meantime. I have made up mind - I HAVE to feature live model shots in my jewelry listings. Old habits die hard and as a former street vendor I am used to my customers being able to have a real visual of what they are about to or interested in purchasing. One of the most difficult things I have experienced as a n online seller is trying to take photos that show the actual length and size of my pieces- In the end even with measurements, bust model shots and rulers and currency coin- I still get the question"What do they look like?;-)

I am glad I receive this question though. So I usually take a shot with the piece on a model or bust. I know the hygienic taboo behind modeling jewelry and clothing is that many worry about skin contact, infections etc- and RIGHTFULLY so.. But as I have said before. I NEVER ship a piece that was not freshly made before shipping. I clean the jewelry pieces and even the ears/neck/wrist my models wear-personally- yeah, seriously..create 98 percent of my pieces wearing latex or non latex plastic gloves and wash my hands before and after handling the finished pieces.

So I will have models from young and old, plus size to petite modeling my jewelry. I really wanted to get some local Etsy Shop artist to model my pieces while they were crafting... you know me promoting handmade artists as usual - but this way it's two fold for me and the artist- we'll see.

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday night. Going to get back under the covers and warm up. Let me know what you think. Thanks for visiting,

Be Well,


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