Friday, January 1, 2010

2010- Wow....

Hey Family,

Happy New Year...Wow 2010. Isn't that something?? I think about all those old TV shows and movies like Buck Rogers, 2010 Space Odessey and the like and giggle at how the year 2010 was depicted in these shows. We are not even close lol!

I just count my blessings that me and my family have made it this's a milestone year and decade and I am glad to have lived to see it begin. Here are my 10 of some of the most memorable moments of this decade.
1. I survived 9/11
2.My newsed blessing was born- my son,
3.My eldest turned Sweet 16
5. I lost my beloved grandmother and my favorite cat physically but they live with me in spirit and are finally at peace.
6.I started my own business
7. I survived domestic abuse
8. I watched history as TWO women run for two presidential seatings and America's first black President be sworn into office & win the Nobel Peace Prize.
9. I got to shake Venus Williams hand, take pictures with Paul Mooney and get a birthday hug and autograph from Denzel Washington- OMG and yes, he is just as good looking in person!!
10. I lived to see 36yrs of love, like and all it's experiences and lessons.

I just want to wish everyone a blessed, happy and prosperous New Year- here is to new beginnings and adventures.

Peace and Blessings,


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