Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So it begins-Weight Loss- Week One

A few weeks ago I posted a blog pool asking YOU , the readers/visitors what you would like to see me write about. After only one fantastic vote-THANK YOU PATRICE;-0 I will add my weigh loss journals on my blog....Now remember we are family here so if you just rolled your eyes at the subject..well you shoulda voted!! LOl.

I have noticed I have gained 80 pounds after weighing 15pounds5 at 5 feet 8.5 inches from age 13-26. Now i weigh 235 pounds. Thirty pounds of that weigh came from my second pregancy, depression, working from home, working at a desk job prior to working from home and not vending outside anymore as doing so always kept me on my feet. The end reselt has been fluctuating stamina, circulation changes, difficulty breathing and joint pain. -basically feling like crap all the time

Not to sound like a statistic but being of mixed Afro-Caribbean and Natuve American descent with hypertention and diabetes in my family the stats are high! I am terrified. Twenty years of watching my grandmother go through losing both legs, her eyesight, dementia, and stroke was devastating enough, now that I am a single mom of two, I can't take it anymore! I have decided this is the year I cut the crap and get in shape.

I don't eat out much and I barely eat meat - though I am not vegan. I do have a sweet tooth which is an occupational habit from trying to stay awake at a desk for 12 years. I am not a morning person and breakfast does NOT wale me up, in fact it only made me sleepy, so I wouldn't eat breakfast. I would have a big lunch and a decent dinner with plenty of water, smoothies and teas in between meals. As a street vendor i never ate out. i packed my food from home to its hard to get a potty break  so i wouldn't drink much water.

So the key here is what will work for my body and my scedule. the first step is a trip to the doctor..I haven't had a physical in three years...- I know thats bad.  i put my children first so much I neglected myself..That won't help them if I get sick now will it?? I will post my progress every Thursday if I dont DO bug me about it!!!I know some could care less about this lol- but I know that I am not the only one who does care about their weight too. I would love to hear from anyone who is journaling their weight loss.

thats not an invitation to spam me with weight promos as I have already gotten some comments on older blog post from Viagra spammers--like i wouldn't notice that, so not cool!

My goal.... is to lose about 80 lbs over the course of 6months or less.
Strengthen my cardio

Regain muscle tone

Cleanse my blood and return to holistic medicine

My plan this week.....MAKE DOCTORS APPT!

Get a wall bulletin board to post my schedule and motivational mantras

Walk everyday for 30mins.

Drink lots of water

Keep adding flaxseed to my oatmeal every mid day- when I eat breakfast- for fiber.

wish me luck;-)


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glassidentities said...

I LOVE this.. I am doing weight loss wednesday on my blog.. started a couple of weeks ago.. I have decided I need to lose at least 60 lbs and have given myself a year to do it. I think you have a great plan of going to the doctors first.. I know that being a mom we tend to put ourself on the back burner.. but you are right.. it does not help the kids any. I am so excited to know you are working on this.. it will be great to be able to follow you and keep in touch.. and we can give each other that shove sometimes :)

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