Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Swan has emerged

Hey Family-

Well, my baby has arrived

In previous posts I have hinted more about my concerns for the environment and though I am one person, how even I play a small part in helping make things more green friendly. From plantable wildflower greeting cards, my holiday and current recycled/reusable jewelry packaging to learning how to sew and reuse sustainable fabrics.

SwanRiverStone reflects a back to basic style.basically the way I first started making jewelry that reflected more ethnic, urban flair to everyday easy going jewelry style. There is some spiritualism in some of my creations and a vibrant funky side. The twist is 85% of materials featured are from eco-friendly, vegan, conflict and animal cruelty free, and re purposed materials. It will also be the home to my new passions of making bags, home and bedding decor, metalsmithing and more-all with Mother Earth in mind from design to package.

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