Friday, January 16, 2009

Blogs I want to recommend.

As a new seller on line I realize I still have so much to learn. I also know I play a big part in the highs and lows of the success of my business. Those who have been following, I realized I started of the new year blogging on a pessimistic and somewhat negative note..this is totally went against my prayers and wishes while I was celebrating Kwanzaa and on New Year's Eve during the "The Day of Atonement" -which is all about reflection, meditation and organization in preparation for the new year. I apologize to myself and my readers for that.

I have been reading quite a few blogs but the two I am recommending I have learned so much from and will apply a lot of their advice to practice.

CtDesigns- CT's blog is a great motivational blog that helps you develop and manage your own small business, by ideas, products and services that may be of use to you while also providing consistent encouragement, wonderful positive energy and some great green living tips to. Definite recommend.

TheCraftyCoach- This is a great blog..that gets to the grit for crafter who want to market their art. I would say it's kinda "in your face" if you will, but it's all with love and good intentions not meant in ANY way to put down or 'destructively criticize anyone;s method of marketing. This blog is also loading with great tips, services, research material that would be a huge asset to your business.Definite recommend..i also suggest you read his Twitter page for live interactions with other Twitters:

Like most seasoned businessmen and women, they have learned a thing or two and want to share these experiences with us so we can be the best we can within ourselves AND in the business of selling online. I respect their work and appreciate reading what they have to say. Thank so much for sharing.

I am think of posting two new blogs every Monday from bloggers who are making a difference in the Blog world..I just haven't figured out the title yet...Motivate Monday maybe???what do you think???

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Lizardo said...

Great recommendations. I follow the Crafty Coach on Twitter and he is though-provoking and doesn't hold back.

Nyblaque said...

yes he is...i follow him too:) thanks for commenting

CT said...

Ny, thank you for recommending our blog as that is truely one of the highest compliment one could ever receive. We appreciate it! - CT

p.s. BTW no need to apologize we all have our ups and's how we use those opportunities good or bad that counts! :)

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