Thursday, October 23, 2008

More than a pretty picture

Hi there..I listed these new picture jasper earrings and bone bracelets in my shop a few days ago....but there was something else that I been thinking about...How much I LOVE taking pictures.

Over the past year since I signed up with Etsy ..I have always looked for new and creative ways to photograph my jewelry...but then my mind as I take the pics starts to wander off and I imagine my photos in a photo art gallery ,,,or an ACEO print....I have even though of becoming a Jewelry Photographer..hmmmmm

I fell in love with this picture before I crop it to advertise my was completely unintentional how these herb leaves fell into the wood squares. As I was making these earrings, the crisp autumn air was blowing gently through my window.. the tree outside my window finally turned a full golden yellow. Everything was so warm and earthy the Picture Jasper's and the gold chain looked perfect together...As I laid them down to photograph between the squares i knocked over some dried red clover flowers i had In a bowl to grind up later to make that instant, the wind caught them and dusted them just as you see them.

I love to add details to my photos to give them an edge...a personality....i guess i try to find backgrounds and scenery that reflects what is the feeling or theme I had when i created the jewelry design.

I have received lots of compliments on this photo below...another beautiful accident. I was just trying to get a shoot that captured the details of the brass component AND the color if the stones in evening light...Then a scene plays in my head..............

I thought of a woman who was sitting outside on the deck of a ferry boat reading a book, that caught the attention of a handsome man who admired her from he approached her she looks up in his direction and the sunlight just lightly glides across her face catching the light green/hazel in her eyes.

The awe of her natural beauty says "Your earrings are beautiful"
She replies, "Thank you, these are my favorite pair"
He smiles with an adoring smile..."Yes" he says, I can see why"............

Just a few thoughts I wanted to share
Be Well,



esque said...

Your pictures are always so pretty! I love the one with the herb leaves - it's so well done! It should be in some sort of a catalog!

kim* said...

love the earrings they are simply beautiful

Stacey said...

Very nice pics. I especially like the one on the book page.

renee said...

Those green earrings look fit for royalty. Beautiful. :)

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