Saturday, April 11, 2009

Vacation- Time to Water My Spiritual Garden

Zen Garden at the Red Door Hotel

Hello Family,

How are you? What have you been up to lately? It's been quite a while since I last blogged. Writer's block and exhaustion is to blame. I've had so many things on my plate that it finally spilled over into a chaotic mess. It's hard to but into words without sounding down what's really been going on...For example..blogging used to be fun,, but after a while it felt like a popularity contest to keep folks interested.

The truth is I am just a single mom with two kids who was trying to make ends meet doing what I love..crafting. But, love is sometimes not enough, and it seems I may have to supplement it with another element to keep me and my family afloat.

So I decided to take a little vacation till May from Etsy and Artfire.I have gone back to researching how to get back into the workforce ...and maybe even relocation to another state. I hope to come to a decision soon as my lease runs out in July but I have until May 31st to renew the contract..not to mention accepting the rent increase from $1127 per month to $1150.

The good thing is I have more free time to spend on my hands ....but I am stumped as to what to blog about. So I created a poll with some suggestions. Please take a few seconds to cast your vote or leave a comment with a suggestion..I'm open for new ideas.

I see my "family" has grown a bit and the comments are more frequent ( THANKS FOR YOUR INPUT!!!) so I want to keep growing WITH you. I'm learning more things from you and yes, admittedly loving the attention ;-)Thanks for sticking with me and I wish a very happy and Blessed Easter to those who celebrate. and a peaceful Sunday.

Ok, now I am losing my typing hands as my son just woke up and wants my attention. Leave a comment if you'd like with your blog address so folks can see what your up to! Like I say in my beginning and ending greeting..we're family and families share. I don't mind if you post a link to your lastest blog post in the comment box... as long as it's not spam!!

Till next time:

Namaste means:'The inner light in me greets the inner light in you " It's another cool way to say PEACE.

Be Well Fam,



Navy Signal Flags said...

I voted for DIY projects but you do have a good list. It's easy to get stuck from time to time. Really like your blog. My booth on Bonanzle is


Snowberry Creek said...

Hi. I voted for DIY projects but any of your ideas would be good. I like your blog and your jewelry.

We are following your blog. If you would like to visit us and post a comment, please do.

Nyblaque said...

Thanks Kathy!! i appreciate your input:)

Delightfully Wed's Weblog said...

I voted for DIY projects. I'm always interested in how things are made. :) Great blog - hope you get over the block soon.

Nyblaque said...

Snowberry Creek!! thanks for the follow and comments. i will be right over!

Delight I am getting more inspired as the votes roll in. DIY's are fun!!

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