Sunday, April 4, 2010

Green Creativity - DIY Sock Gloves

Here is a quick tutorial on how I turned a pair of size 9 knee high socks into arm gloves for my daughter. These are a pair of cotton stretch socks that wore down at the toes and heals. The rest of the sock was in perfect shape and quality..why throw them away.Repurpose!

First: I washed the socks,then measured the length of my daughters arm from her elbow to the midsection of her hand.

Then, I cut off the toes section of the sock, and cut out the section of the heal that had worn down.

Next, I slid the sock up over the length of her arm to her fingers. With a permanent marker,I placed small marks on both sides of the sock material in between the fingers.

Next, I removed the sock , took a standard sewing needle and thread, pinched the clearly marked points together with my thumb and forefinger and carefully sew both pieces together to make a finger hole.

To make sure the holes fit properly, I slid the sock back to test the fit of each finger hole then proceeded to the next finger , repeating the sewing process until I reached the heal section-this is where the thumb section was saved for last. I didn't sew the thumb whole closed so the material around the thumb rests nicely.

That's it!

If you want the thumb hole to be tighter you can sew a little piece of the heel hole closed- I also I found it easier mark the fabric sections of one finger at a time to make sure each hole fit just right without bunching up.I am sure this can be done with a sewing machine but the pieces of fabric are so small I thought it would be a waste of electricity & much faster to complete by hand.

Let me know what you think. Have you done be before? Are you going to? Post share with me with a link to your blog, Flickr(if you posted them there)

Thanks for visiting.

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