Monday, March 24, 2008

One good Feature deserves another..Feature:) Special Thanks

Torchwood Studios

posted thread in Etsy Forums requesting artist who would like to be feature on his blog. I submitted a request as so we will see what happens. In the meantime you have got to visit his shop.

The most beautiful polymer clay creations are at home in this shop, my personal favorite, is filled with rich, beautiful colors so wonderfully melded together in this mosaic fashion. This pic is just a small example of this artist true talent.His blog also has interesting features of artist, informative business posts, and more to enjoy viewing ...tyTWS:)


May your love and creativity continue to be the very foundation that has brought you two together as one heart. They make a very beautiful couple...and damn sexy too lolol!!!( yeah I said it:) )

I thank you for featuring me in the "Things to read with your morning coffee" listing, I am most honored. Another talented artist who spares no limit to artists featured on her blog as well. Her Etsy shop: is filled with beautiful jewelry, bookmarks, accessories and wonderful creations dedicated to bring awareness to some of our most challenging health issues to date; Autism, Breast Cancer & Apraxia.
Thank you CM Designs;) Now, if it wasn't for this young lady right here my shop wouldn't look nearly as good. She is the mastermind behind my gorgeous custom banner and avatar set that is currently in use for the Spring/Summer season. I have never seen my jewelry so beautifully showcased. I have also earned a spot on her awesome DIY Treasury Trove:

This site is filled with fun activities, ideas, contest, resources and interesting interview by some of many featured Etsy artists. If you want a quality custom design with great customer service,excellent design and a personable seller, You'll find Wild 's creations are truly magic:)
thanks WM.

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