Saturday, October 18, 2008

Simple Inspirations

I honestly have no idea where this idea came from. As was fiddling around with some Vintage materials to see what i could come up with.

I don't believe jewelry should be confined to stone, wire,or metal.

I found this gorgeous cameo That I bought from a destash sale on of course Etsy:) Organza fabric was cut into 6 inch pieces and tied together, than sewn for reinforcement. beautiful burgandy ribbon and waxed leather cord. Crocheted together. and Viola.

Odd can be the new in:) Welcome Cameo:)

As a designer I am becoming more and more curious about how much of an impact does the jewelry industry have on the planet. From "conflict free" diamonds to the issues of gem mining in Burma and more. I really wonder.........

Then I think about what affect is all this digging having on the Earth itself? Are lands being destroyed? Wildlife habitats harmed..Pollution from mining excavations..I dunno...I need to know, I WANT to know.

Funny thing was I was making a new pouch when I looked at the last pieces of organza in my hand. I twirled and twirled till I just grabbed and old recycled brass O ring and some silk cord.

and created this:

I am hooked . A few weeks passed and I thought this would be a nice idea too:

THese are one 1.5 inch long handbraided earring made entirely of braided cotton fabric...that's it.
Secured together in a teardrop shape, sewn closed at the top and tied with blue ribbon.
I look forward to more inspirations:) thanks for viewing.

Be Well, Ny

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Field Notes said...

Very clever use of scraps. I love the free form it has.

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