Sunday, October 26, 2008

Single Sunday

Today was a great Sunday.After working in 16th and 6th avenue vending my jewelry. On the way back home I decided to stop by my favorite whole food juice shop and pick up a nice cool 10oz Berry Wheat grass Smoothie.....yup, that green stuff is exactly what Wheat grass looks like BEFORE you drink it...hey at least you know its fresh:) LOL.!!It actually tastes pretty good. My kids think I am drinking "cow cud" lol.

....this is the part that I just ummmmm LOVE about NYC...

I just love the cleanliness of the subway
<<< (squeaky clean) ;(

The fast dependable serviceI can always find a seat, lots of space ...and never a long...long...long wait.......
......While we are all waiting I happen to be wearing my personal pair of my hammered silver spiral and amazonite earring..( on sale now in my Etsy shop) a little self promo plug there LOL!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

OK this
sucks !!!!

Most new yorkers really Hate our subway system...not all just a whole lot of us LOL!!

FINALLY !!! - oh by the way..the subway cars..were practically empty!! soo why was I standing there for an hour?? hmmmmm.
ALL THIS FOR $2.00 per ride and guess what the fares going up AGAIN!!! yayayayayyayay!!

Oh course I mean this with the GREATEST of sarcasm :P....It wasn't a bad day ...just a beautiful LONG day. It's not always like this but i just felt like blogging about it...So, how was your Sunday ???? leave a comment and tell me about it:)

Be Well,



Vanessa said...

Have you ever tried a shot of wheatgrass? Eww the smell is disgusting lol. Sounds like you've had a fun day on the subway!

Pfeiffer Photos said...

The photo of the subway (tile) signage is terrific! I'd print and sell that one if I were you. :0)

Walk in the Woods said...


My Sunday was quite nice ... no subways involved at all. :)

Shelley said...

I visited NY for the first time in the spring. Rode the subway and EVERYTHING! :-)
I've been into GREEN smoothies lately. Green smoothies are IN, FULL of green sunshiny life giving nutrition and in liquid form these nutrients have a shuttle directly to your cells. I feel closer to earth and sun when I fill myself with green juice, but I've had a hard time drinking big glasses of green smoothie because the taste can be quite, ... well.... grassy. It's an acquired taste for SURE.

I tried a new green smoothie recipe today and I LOVED it! For new to green drinkers this would be a good start. Give it a try and let me know what you think. (tomorrow I will add my green tea in keeping with the theme! :-)
The `No More Struggle`green smoothie

p.s. There's a HEALTH link directory on my blog. Drop by and add yours for my readers to find! Keep the great articles coming!

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