Thursday, January 15, 2009

How Etsy Artists will Keep Me Warm:)

Yep, it time to work..Most vendors stay home when its snowing and/or below 30, or both. But for me it's not really a option when you have bills to pay:) Cold weather can be a good vending day depending on what you are selling. And since most New Yorkers are too busy being cute, they forget how fast it gets COLD out there. It also helps the tourists who come into the city unprepared for the weather.
I was going to take some pics of me working..but it's too damn cold and I'm not taking my hand out of my pockets unless I have too;-P So, there is my 6 foot table, expanding roll cart and bag full of warm goodies. I don't sell jewelry when it's cold like this so I buy some scarves and hats wholesale and add them with some handmade crochet beenies, purses, cell holder and other stuff me and my daughter make.

I have plenty of great crochet gear from Etsy that will keep me nice and snug. NellyWoman made a very cool scarflet with pretty grey and pink yarn.

Then comes the tri-color scarf and thick black fingerless gloves I wear over my thermal gloves by MyissaG
Finally the wool sculle topped of with my favorite "noggin" from Hijinx:) ..Now, I 'm quick stop at the post office to drop of some packages and downtown I go! It's a very snowy 23'degrees in the Bronx but it will be more like 18 in Manhattan, that's "tolerable" for most outdoor vendors as long as it's not too windy.

See ya later!- Hey, how is your Thursday so far??

Be Well, STAY WARM. Ny


ThePeachTree said...

Brrrrrrrrr!! I have a pair of fingerless gloves from MyissaG myself!!

Shaunna said...

I can't imagine outdoor vending right now.

I woke up this morning to -21F (even colder with wind chill) and a frozen water pump yet again (it seems it freezes up any time its below -15F, I so am getting a nicer apartment for next winter).

Its now -5F not counting windchill.

Power to you! I hope you get sales!

helena said... did you even manage to brave the cold and still vendor out in the freezing winter!!!

no matter how many layers of clothes i put on, i still feel cold in winter! Looking at you all huddled up is still making me shiver lol! Hope you had some great sales!


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