Thursday, January 22, 2009

Find Motivation: featured in word and art

INNOVATION -Innovation is the introduction of something new to apply to your business, sense of direction or method of living. A great post about Innovation written by Eviestoolemporium reminds us of Innovation's continuous cycle that drive us to keep going.

Circles in art can also be an innovative tool on a sensory level, visualizing the beauty and the power of innovative continuity:

Gorgeous vintage-style bracelet hand crafted in. 925 pure sterling silver. Beautiful Greek fashion that never goes out of style. Created by Etsy artist

Little Victories Add Up To Big Success- This blog post written by Jack Humphery reminds us to Cherish the small victories in life that hard work and perseverance with steady patience pays off.

So spread your wings of faith and take flight...maybe these beautiful birdies can join you on your journey.

Striped Birdies - Set of Three Note Cards

Beautiful handcrafted note cards in bright colors pattern so easy to brighten anyone's day..send to someone and fill with words of encouragement, or write a note to yourself:-) Created by Etsy

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The Point said...

Thank you so much for including my birdie cards in this motivational post!

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