Tuesday, January 27, 2009

WANTED to share this with you:-)-AlphaInventions.com

I just found an interesting website called AlphaInventions that seems to be another way to gain readers and direct traffic to your blog. I came across this website through a url link from one of my Twitter followers. I decided to check it out and noticed alot of blog posts commenting that the site delivered a surge in traffic after their site was added to the AI system.

So what is AplhaInventions? AlphaInventions.com provides way to gain readers on a worldwide scale than through the free service.Here is a quote about the site:

"AlphaInventions.com was created by Cheru Jackson who was a bored 20 something that created AI as an experiment to see if Bloggers and their audience could connect in real-time. "

How does it work? AlphaInvenstions.com has a spot at the top of the browser which is like a bulletin/forum dashboard. Blogs which have been submitted by individuals that have recently been updated appear in the window below the dashboard for about 5-10 seconds. Then, a new site is loaded. Or you can sit back and"preview" blogs popping up in real time from all over the world..it's crazy!!

Oh btw..If you decide to submit a site to their system, you will be taken to a page which contains an explanation as to the site that was bumped out of the rotation as well as two Paypal buttons. You can purchase a AIID# which will enable you to keep your site within their rotation system for much longer than if it were submitted for free.or you can make a donation..all of this is voluntary.

Soo.. for those of you who use StumbleUpon or Digg, AlphaInventions is kinda like a blog version of both sites in terms of how it works but you receive more or about the same traffic, but it's still nice to get a little more exposure right?? I am still checking it out but it's still interesting to browse through..

So check it out and have fun! Oh yeah, AI Loves comments so drop them a note and tell them what you think. They seems to reply back to and keep track of comments about them. I guess the feedback helps them to improve/learn more about the effects of there service.

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