Saturday, January 31, 2009

Great Gift Idea

I purchased these wonderful creations a few weeks ago from The Ivory

Here I have two 4oz bottles of Body Oil in Unscented and Mango Tango..the Mango smells just like fresh sliced Mango...delish! I bought that for my daughter. Of course, she's not sharing LOL!

The unscented is great for my high skin sensitivity. I am currently using the Mango soap and I love it! No itching , no worries..just fresh,fruity clean fun:)
I love how everything came securely packaged and included a great discount card, complimentary calender magnet and sample soap. Not bad for $20.00 right!!...

Thanks Ivory :)

Be Well,



1337 Art said...

I love shopping there. She's very sweet, and I love her products.

Dee said...

Wow! Thank you Nyblaque for such a great write-up. I'm glad the both of you are enjoying your goodies!

Dee said...

btw, I'm The Ivory Magnolia.

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