Saturday, May 2, 2009

Brenda Novak's 5th Annual On-line Auction has begun !!

Hey Family!

Remember back in February I blogged about Brenda's auction for one of my old "Find Motivation"posts? If you don't remember, you can read the original link here:
I 've been so busy lately, I forgot I am a registered participant in this auction! so I have to come back from my vacation from Etsy a lot earlier than I planned LOL. But it's worth it.

Brenda Novak is the amazing writing talent behind such books as " Every Waking Moment" "Cold Feet" "Still Water Trilogy" and her latest editions " The Last Stand Series"
You can learn more about Brenda and her amazing story here: How is all started Brenda Novaks Journey.

The 5th Annual On-line Auction to Benefit Diabetes Research was started in 2005 and has been a huge success by raising over $250.000 just last year alone. The auction started May 1st and runs through the month. Brenda's assistant, Lauren Hawkeye contacted myself and 30 other awesome Etsy Artist to participate in this event. We can be found here under Lauren Hawkeye's Treasure > Treasure Chest (Sponsored by Etsy Artisans) So far things are off to a great start as bids are coming in daily.

These are the items I have donated to the auction:

The Journey Necklace

This event is deeply personal to me as my grandmother passed away in March 2007 from her battle with Diabetes. I know I would be making her proud by participating and bringing attention to anything that would help find better treatments and a cure for this disease.

For more information about the auction and/ or Brenda visit Welcome to Brenda's Online Auction link, or check out &

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CT said...

Excellent cause Ny. Hope it is very successful! - CT

Stesha said...

Sorry you had to cut you vacay short, but it's for a very worthy cause! The designs that you are donating are so beautiful.

Hugs and Mocha,

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