Friday, May 22, 2009

Hot Hoops at Home-A pair I made for myself

Well, the little one went to sleep on me so I decided to treat myself to making a pair of big hoops. I haven't made a layered pair for myself in a long time and i suddenly had urge to make some so I grabbed my sterling silver and tools and got busy.
I didn't measure how much I unraveled from the spool, I'm so used to making hoop earrings on the spot at my vending table, I can visually "measure" how much wire I need. This pair is going to be 4' long.-That's the longest length I'll ever wear for earrings.

From here I added a natural wood twisted bead.I love mixing wood and metal so much. especially with silver. Then I coiled and shaped the wire to the desired lengths of hoops I wanted for each layer. When I take the metal smithing( blacksmithing) classes at Pratt this summer, I will finally be able to melt and solder wire together for a more streamlined form.

Then I added some ribbon to the "core of the hoop. I usually don't do this but I didn't like how the center balanced so I added the ribbon to pull everything together and for a tiny bit more earth color.
Added a wood accent bead...I was going to remove it but then my son woke up in mid time to fix it now..just keep going.

Grabbed my baby, added the ear wire.....
All done and under 15minutes;-)

Here is a better pic of them:) This first one was nasty lol;-) Now you can see how long they really are.

Question: Should I make another pair and sell it??If so,what do you think of the bead/ribbon touches?.. leave it out of the new pair?..keep them? Make a smaller pair? Comments are always welcome.

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Patrice @ The Soap Seduction said...

Yes, I think you should make another pair and sell. These earrings are hot, and I am very interested in!

(and yes, I owe you a bar of soap. I've been such a lazy so and so, but it's coming!)

Nyblaque said...

LOL!!! thanks for the comment Patrice.. cool I'll make 2 pairs one for silver lovers and another for gold fans.

Oh, don't worry about the soap hun. I didn't know if you had returned from your trip or not biggie;-) I knew you would get around to it;-) Look forward to reviewing it

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