Friday, May 29, 2009

A local timeout...........

I had some errands to run yesterday. I thought it might be nice to take some pics of the area. It was a drizzling, gray day with some sun every know and then, but not much. I like the new Times Square"New Years Eve" ball. It's cute seeing the tourist take pics of it saying "So that's what it looks like all year round" before it was just fancy glass bulbs in it's a colorful orb with lots of digital graphics and color changes all day long.

I couldn't get a great shot but this section of 42nd and was never this open. Reminds me of "a scene from "The Fast and the Furious-Tokyo Drift" when all the locals were literally gathering leisurely in the street. 42nd is starting to look like that.....

I had enough of the crowds so I stopped by Bryant Park and visited one of my fav water fountains

A first glance, you wouldn't believe this is where the exclusive "Fashion Week" is set up huh???..
and the grassy center in the background transforms into one huge ice -skating rink in the Winter. and FREE;-)..well, the skating part is.

Hello beautiful, ..I love to find earthy, green natural hideouts in the city. they are great places to get away from the concrete and steel for a little while.
After some quiet meditation was time to head home...waved g-bye to the big guy

and headed for the subway...I should have worn flats that feet started to hurt Hey do you think this guy would give me a ride Uptown.........????

Probably not;-)- How was your Thursday ? What are you doing today ?
Happy Friday,

Be Well,


1 comment:

TheEclecticElement said...

Wow. Those pictures are all so beautiful! Even though it was a rainy and yucky day, it adds to the pictures appeal :D
Sounds like you had a good 'time out' Lol

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