Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Working Wednesday- Rescued Invitation Cards

A year ago I bought these beautiful 10 pack of invitation cards from Bubbarye at Etsy..and never got a chance to use them. I gave them to my daughter to use for her sweet 16 this fall..but then my toddler got his hands on them and dropped the whole pack of ten cards into the toilet..and flushed!!

Luckily, I was able to grab only one loose card at the top of the pack quickly before the others were lodged into the toilet..needless to say the remaining cards were ruined..and I certainly wasn't going to dig them out of the toilet bowl to show you. EWW!

A single card was dry, clean & I decided to make the best of it. I took off the ribbon and removed the pre-printed center. I truly loved the font style of the greeting phrase so I scanned and copied replicas of the greeting phrase and invite center and printed them on scraps of brown and teal blue card stock I had leftover.

Then , I went to the local flower and gift boutique and asked if they could find and order similar blue and brown polka dot ribbon.. My daughter truly loved the color scheme of these cards and I didn't want to change that. Luck would have it that they found some just a bit wider and in a more matte finish. YAY!;-)

I added these beautiful paper butterflies and more paper bag tan, white, and chocolate brown card stock scraps I had left over from my assorted card set project, put everything together and shortened them down to 3.5 x4.5" in size. What do you think??

I believe an honest crafter is the best crafter. Some would have tried to claim a old design as their own..I thought it was only right to give credit where it was due as I love what they did and respected that love that was put into the original project. I didn't want to let a great thing go to waste...just added a little eco-friendly touch of my own.

Now, here is the funny daughter wants 20 of these but in purple, pink and black...sigh.
teenagers LOL!- Well, since I made a whole set of 10, I am adding these to my Bonanzle shop. I plan on making some more sets of different colors..and a unique style of my own of course;-)

Have you salvaged something and revamped or made something new with it?? Do tell!! if you blogged about it please share a link in the comment box so we can see. I love to read about it too;-)

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1 comment:

aquariann said...

What fun to know the story behind those gorgeous cards! That stinks that your toddler flushed the originals down the toilet, but you definitely made the best of it! ;D

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