Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Crafting at the Community Fair

Hey Family,

It was a bright HOT sunny day in Co- op City on Sunday June 28th, the grounds were in their peak of lush green goodness and the trees were welcoming with lots of shade for everyone. Too bad the fair was out in the WIDE OPEN Space! But I had to hug my fav tree before heading off to the field.

I think everyone who came to vend was so busy enjoying the best weather we have had in weeks that folks set up their tables late lol. The fair was scheduled to start at 12pm. but lots of vendors were still rolling in....

But here I am all purple and pretty getting everything ready for the event. My only regret.-not bringing my 9 foot umbrella-phew!!!!-Sunscreen anyone????
So here is everything I could fit properly on two tables, one 5ft long and one 4.5ftlong. I had about 175-80 cards and 100 pieces of jewelry that were already made and supplies that were ready for an on the spot order. - Did I tell you it was hot????

I wish my photo taker walked around a little more and took some shots of the fair itself.. I did tell him I was going to blog about the event.but I guess he thought the lion dance was interesting enough.

The lion was very cute all the children watching squealed and giggled every time he batted his big green eyes;-)

Within the first 20 minutes I sold these three pairs- the Purple Chalcedony in Silver was the first pair to find a great home.
The Purple Drops in Gold Fill followed by the Ebonywood teardrops
were next. That's was pretty cool.

Yeah, I was really hot out there..

By late afternoon things got a little slow so instead of making new pieces on the spot, I decided to pass the time and file some new ear wires I made..

Being the only one sitting there with a working electric power drill in my hands at an outdoor venue (the portable power pack was under the table lol) never fails to bring attention- hee hee;-)

Six hours later- I was tired and alot tanner lol, but it as a good crowd turnout with great weather.
Sorry I didn't have more pics of the fair itself- but I'll make up for that in New Jersey at the Summer of Love Fair at Freedom Park.

Thanks for visiting,

Be Well,



Diane said...

Congratulations! I think a big umbrella is a definite and LOTS of sunscreen. I would have passed out half way through!

VenetiaJewelry said...

whew it does look like a hot day! looked like it was a busy event tho!
Love those earrings

Nyblaque said...

Hi Diane and Venetia!!-thx so much for the comments!! Yes I was a hot one that day. But I always where Sunblock of SFP 30 when I go out- the intensity of sun rays have definitely increased in the last two years alone . I can certainly feel it.I may have to upgrade to a 45!

Hi Erin!! I love you too!! Your jewelry shop on Etsy is awesome! I miss UWIB

Timeless Paper Arts said...

congrats, Ny! looks like you had a great time...love seeing all the pics! :)

TheEclecticElement said...

It looks like you had some wonderful weather for your day!!
Congrats on everything :D It sounds(and looks) like you had a good time.

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