Saturday, July 4, 2009

Saturday Spotlight-Stickyfingerprints

Happy Independence Day (USA)-

As I was tweeting my holiday greetings- I found this lovely artist on Twitter this afternoon where she announced the grand opening of her new shop Stickyfingerprints on Etsy . I would like to Introduce Ali, owner and creator of Stickyfingerprints based in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Stickyfingerprints creates carefully handcrafted personalized fine silver jewelry for men and women.

Ali would like to introduce her"Imprint Me Range Jewelry" A collection of beautiful keepsake creations handcrafted using precious metal clay, a recycled form of fine silver (0.999% pure, compared to sterling which is 0.925% pure. Which makes these items a gorgeous and exceptionally environmentally friendly choice!

Ali incorporates your loved one's fingerprint into the core of each design. Creating a true one of a kind contemporary keepsake.This is one designer to watch so add a heart to her shop to see her new charms, pendants, rings, key chains, cuff links and guitar plectrums and more in the near future.

You can also visit her established Etsy shop Etsy: where you can find Ali's beautiful contemporary silver jewelry. Follow AliBalijewellery on Twitter

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1 comment:

ali bali jewellery said...

thank you!! Not even a day old and featured in a blog!!

ali x

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