Thursday, June 25, 2009

Independance Day Card

I just made this card a few hours ago for my Artfire shop. I love how it came out. At first I was skeptical about how the flag design was going to play but I really think it has a very modern patriotic edge to it. Dare to Dream is a great card as this phrase reminds us what the foundation of our country as based on and all of those who so desperate want or need to do this in their own lives- DARE to be free,original , Independent, strong ...dare to dream.

I have about five more that I made for Independence Day ( U.S.Holiday -Celebrated July 4th) that will be posted tomorrow. What do you think??

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Patzee said...

Nice card - I like it! Will be waiting to see more.


aquariann said...

Neat card! The modern edge really works.

missknits said...

ohhhh that turned out really cute! nice job!

AliciaMae said...

you should submit this post to the Blogfire July 3 blog carnival on Independence :) The carnival's open to all Artfire blog guild members

Nyblaque said...

Thank you guys sooooo much!! It was a blast to make! Alicia, I submitted the post to the Artfire Carnival!

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