Friday, June 26, 2009

Curly Copper Cool

Ahh just one more day before the fair... I am exhausted but EXCITED. I look forward to fairs because I love talking to people and networking with other crafters.Plus if the weather is good it makes the day even greater.

I made these Copper Twisted Spirals Earrings for my Etsy shop They are about 2.5 " long and very light but you can feel how sturdy and strongly they are intertwined when you touch them. I 'm having so much fun with these spiral variations. Of course I will have lots of Peacock Feather Earrings- those seem to be a fav at every fair I have ever been in.

I gonna make a more pairs of these Golden Swirls
and a few of these Cascading Double Spiral Earrings in Sterling Silver and see how they fair .

I had the honor of Patrice@The Soap Seduction purchase a pair from me - I received the coolest feedback :

" Simply gorgeous-from the packaging to the product! I love the detailed instruction on how to care for your jewelry and the coupon:-D You've got a lifelong client in me!"-The Soap Seduction,DC

(aww, shucks- blushes)

Are you ready for Saturday yet??

Be Well,


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