Sunday, June 28, 2009

Modern Love -Anniversary Greeting

Hey family,

I haven't gone to sleep yet. With 10 hrs till the fair later today and a custom card order I have been working up a storm!

I am going to get a few hours of sleep soon..but I wanted to post this card I just added to my ArtfireShop before I retire for the night.
At first, this is how I started the card but I didn't like the color scheme after a while....

I thought why not try black and medium olive green instead to contrast the white undertones. The love quote is inspired by the "Jerry McGuire" movie. I hope to make another one in silver.

look for this one in my Artfire shop today. I hope you love it as much as I loved making it.

Be Loving,



glassidentities said...

Beautiful... I loved seeing the photos on twitter and these are so pretty too. Hope you ended up getting some sleep.

VenetiaJewelry said...

beautiful butterfly!

Nyblaque said...

thank you so much!!! I enjoyed making these;-)

CT said...

Awesome butterfly! Good luck at the fair. Happy selling! - CT

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