Monday, June 1, 2009

My Birthday weekend

Hey family!!!!

I had a beautiful weekend for my birthday

On Saturday, I spent a quite family evening with cake, candles and lots of love;)

But Sunday........

Ummm....Who the heck is this chick>>>>>>>>>>>>???Do you know her??? I never seen her before in my life......

OK,OK it's me! Oh I hate taking pics of myself but I did it because my baby girl ask me to.

So here I is lol;-) My daughter birthday present to me was a mini-makeover. She gave me what's called a "wash and set".She basically washed, deep- conditioned my hair and "blow dried it straight" _ My natural hair is not chemically straight so this took about 2hrs. Then I went across the street to the beauty parlor to have my ends trimmed and layered. When I returned I got dressed, she trimmed my eyebrows a little and set my make-up for me.

I had to give her lots and lots of smooches for "hooking mommy up" lol- She is going through an "acne phase" so she begged me to make this pic black and white. My baby!-((((SNIFF)))).
I was ready for a night on the town.

But first, I can never forget that my birthday happens to fall on the traditional Memorial Day in the U.S. -May 30th. Memorial Day is solemn day of mourning, a sacred day of remembrance to honor those who paid the ultimate price for our freedoms.
Our Empire State Building in is it's yearly red, white and blue-there wasn't any red Sunday night though but that's ok.

And every flag in the city waved at half mast. Personally, I think Memorial Day should be returned to it's traditional ceremony. But not to get into it too much I'll just leave you this link here to reflect on and maybe even petition if you want.

First,......Me and my best friend went to Ruby Foo's
Dim Sum and Sushi Palace
.I only thing I regret is having such camera-shy friends and even shyer fellow NY er's around. They were kinda eye-balling me when I wanted to take pic more pics of the inside of the restuarant so bear with me;-)

The inside decor is awesome!!

I forgot to take a pic of the food I had eaten Which was called Samauri Salmon Rolls and Coconut Sticky Rice..but

I did get a pic of the waiter who served us----GIRLS,-tell me HE doesn't look DELICIOUS!

Then I went to Hershey's Factory World-Times Square

I LOVE chocolate but

DANG, this is a crying shame- This is a REAL 5ft long HERSHEY BAR - SERIOUSLY
Then, after I bought the HUGE candy bar-lol-no I didn't ;-P We had reservations at the infamous Caroline s Comedy Club to see Paul Mooney and a few other hilarious comedians.
We had an hour to go before the show so we lounged around the Times Square..literally.

Remember the pics I took a few days ago with all the locals walking around in street..??Well, this is what it looks like at night.

This spans for two city blocks and all the seats and beanie chairs are already provided.
Caroline's was fun.

I even had a chance to take a pic with Paul..very nice guy;-)

Now, if only I could have gotten a ride home......

You can see how this beauty felt about that;-) ( He says I'm off duty tee hee)

Thanks for stopping by. How was your weekend??

Be Well,


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Sydney Austin Designs said...

Looks like you had a great b-day! We have a lot in common! My hair is not chemically straight, I love sushi, and my tween daughter is getting a little acne on her forehead *tear*

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