Friday, July 10, 2009

Adore This Soap!:Fabulous Friday Product Review of The SoapSeduction

I don't know about you but this soap made me hungry just looking at it!. My goodness doesn't it look like a yummy piece of warm creamy fresh baked chocolate yellow cake that you packed to take with you for lunch? One of my blog followers Patrice@TheSoapSeduction calls this her Damn Damn Damn Chiffon Soap which is a Lemon Chiffon Poppy seed creation filled with warm natural handcrafted goodness. Patrice explains the mishap behind this soap in a very funny post on her blog.

I had always admired her work and enjoy reading her informative and entertaining blog. I had read an early blog post where she was asking followers for advice as to what to do about the soap? I had posted a comment to send it as a sample with orders to see how folks react to it, then I offered to try a sample myself and blog about it.

I also ordered the Adore -Cocoa Butter Cold Pressed Soap. I received my order, which came quickly all the way from Washingon,DC these soaps were packaged in a beautiful drawstring canvas satchel which I LOVE because it a smart, stylish and environmentally conscious packaging strategy. I am already reusing the satchel as a change purse that is easy to wash and use for something else. The scalloped tag with the shop link and the listing of ingredients I thought was a very professional and informative touch as well.

So what's the verdict on the soaps? I ADORE both soaps. Since I suffer from Eczema, my skin reacts to soap irritants as fast as a few hours to as slow as a few weeks. Soaps, oils, creams and lotions with fragrances or colored soaps were a torture to look at as I wanted to indulge in using them but would pay for it EARLY later. But I must say the Adore and Damn Damn Damn Soaps are heaven on my skin, No IRRITATION, NO FLARE UPS , NO RASH! The fragrances are not perfumey,very light and fresh. Great lather and a nice clean finish. My confession- I have been seduced and loving it!

Oh, did I mention I got a sweet discount as a participant of TheSoapSeduction Stimulus Package-That's right, become a follower of her blog and receive 15% off your purchase; now that a squeaky clean deal;-)

Check out Patrice's shop at either her Etsy or Artfire location. And let her know that Ny sent you;-)

Be Clean with Care,

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