Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hey Ny, What happended to your Indie Blog?? see, what had happened was.....

The problem with being a Gemini we can be a little bi-polar when it comes to making up our minds about things LOL.. (I'm just being facetious - seriously those who are living with Bi-Polar don't take it personally please)

I have-- er, well HAD a blog named "My Indie Love" - this is the blog home I created in Sept. 2008 when i was going through a time when I thought my blog was getting too crowded. I had so many indie shops and artists that I love and wanted to show off that I wanted to have a blog created just for them. A little shameless artisan promotion couldn't hurt right.

Then I started a WAHM feature series on "My Indie Love" last summer called "How Does She Do it Series"- BUT just when it was getting really ladies were getting all shy on me- but then I also got busy real fast and got slack with searching for new interviews-I admit that -sorry;-(

Well, since I'll have a little more free time on my hands, and admit I have learned I can't keep up with more than two blogs at a time by myself when business picks up, I will jump start the Indie Features section here--so NO MORE "My INDIE LOVE BLOG" I just imported all the Indie blog posts that I had at My Indie Love- so everything indie will be here to stay for good, I promise;-)

If you are following the Indie blog - just come on over here. All the interviews, I will host blog giveaway, post features, Picks of the weeks fun stuff like that- just in time for the fall season when most of us stay in more cause shoot it's COLD!

I hope you will visit often, follow and or participate in Monthly Blog Poll starting next Month to help keep this blog fresh and new.

Thanks for visiting- and for putting up with me LOL! It's a cold rainy day in NYC- how is your Sunday going?

Be Well,


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