Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bag Making Night at EtsyLabs

Hey family Elcome to Brooklyn - LOL I typed that on purpose;-) I didn't notice I cut off the W in this photo till it was too late. But this is one on the cool Wecome signs you see when you enter downtown Brooklyn just off the Brooklyn Bridge. I took a pic of this one on my way to EtsyLabs Monday Craft Night November 16th.

Hey, who needs building  numbers when you can have a super bright neon sign located right in your building's lobby LOL! This is the first thing yuo can when you reach the address when EtsyLabs is located;-)

Here we are on the fifth floor where Etsy is located;-) My camera battery was dying so I had to limit my pics..so not happy about that;- alot of the pics came out fuzzy and out of focus- these are the best ones I had till I can get he others ones fixed up;-(

Me ironing my bags" wrinkles out the following day post crafting.

Sewn in "Bags for the People " tag that Glen Robinson provided

Glen Robinson and I taking a quick photo together with my large drawstring bag made from repurposed fabric, Glen is an awesome teacher.

Tthis post doest do the Organization justic so I have included some links to learn more about them :

Log onto the website for the latest event pictures, news and information:

Check out the upcoming events calendar below:

***Upcoming Event***
If you are in NYC, come out to Bags For The People's Sweatshop Social -- Monday Nov 30, 7pm – 10pm: Sweatshop Social @ 3rd Ward( www.3rdward.com );195 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

You bring the fun and the fabric; they'll provide the sewing machines, instruction, Beer by Brooklyn Brews( http://brooklynbrews.blogspot.com/ ), food from Nha Toi( http://newyork.timeout.com/restaurants/williamsburg/36016/nha-toi ) and live music curated by Pendu Org Arts & Actions( http://www.pendu.org/ )
Also, you can show your support for Bags for the People with a tax-deductable donation that will not only help us continue, but expand our FREE programming. You can view more info at the link below:  http://www.bagsforthepeople.org/donate.htm

You can also see more EtsyLab Photos on their Flickr Pages

Etsy Labs Photostream:

Etsy Labs Show & Tell Flickr group:


Etsy Labs Meetup group:


EtsyLabs Profile Page

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