Monday, December 7, 2009

It's That Time Of Year Again;-)

Hey Family,

Phew!!! It's been busy around here these past few weeks! Just when I got all caught up on my shipping the week before a NEW set of order rushed in over the weekend. When I saw a total of 10 pieces sold in my shop in one day- I thought I made Etsy's Front Page or a Gift Guide- That has NEVER happened before..hey not that i am complaining- every one of them is a humble blessing;-)

I did noticed this year 50% of my were from local U.S.buyers - it's great to see that with the ecomony here in the states as it is- The other 50% is coming from my buddies way up north (Canada) Last year the bulk of my sales came England then Canada, Australia & the U.S. I am also happy to have new customers from Austria, Singapore, The Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Israel! It's exciting knowing that I am being found as well as shipping my creations are traveling across the world finding new homes filed with handmade love;-)

I 've made quite a few new pieces over the past few days. Plus I opened a Soopsee account that I am still setting up. There are lots cool shops to check out there as well. here is the link if you ould like to browse around.
The weekend weather was bitter cold and windy so no pics this weekend. But tomorrow looks better. I post what I made over the weekend.

Thanks for visiting;-)


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